Worship services on Campus

Worship services on Campus

We are blessed to open our doors to the following Worship Groups:

Victory Fellowship: Bengali service by Pastor Tamodeep, Saturday 500 pm at Julian Hall. The story of how Tamodeep responded to Gods calls goes like this:

In the year 2015, my dad, a former pastor expired due to a heart attack. I was 24 years old when I lost him. The incident was a pivotal point in my life and I began earnestly seeking the Lord that very year. I would spend hours every day spending time in His presence and studying the Word. And Oh how glorious it is to find Him and to know His Truths. All my questions and doubts disappeared and I found a living relationship with the lord. The Lord called me to ministry and my job is to share this glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. With this very calling Victory Fellowship was born with 23 members on April 2018. And ever since we have been growing and will keep growing as the Word of God is sown. Today we have nearly 140 members attending our worship services. Glory to God.

Tangkul Fellowship: Chaplain Shinmihor Valui; Sunday 1130 at CEC

Chaplain Shinmihor Valui who has been serving the Tangkul Fellowship group as chaplain.
The Tangkul Fellowship Group
The lovely kids having their Sunday School Fellowship

Navjeevan Assembly; Hindi/English; Pastor Sushil Marandi; Sundays 1030 am at Julian Hall

Shepherd Of Souls Mission; Hindi; Pastor Richard Gomes; Sundays 230 pm CEC

Calcutta Mizo Christian Service for young people; Mizo language; Sundays 500 pm at Julian Hall; Rev. Lalmunsanga is their pastor.

EGF (Evangelical Graduates Fellowship) meets every third Sunday in the Julian hall at 1 pm

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