Board of Deacons

Board of Deacons

Sougata Kundu is the Church treasurer and he works in a bank so managing the funds at the church comes easy for him. His wife Pratikshya works in the city and is into IT.

Mrs. Angela Thomas is the Church secretary. She brings in years of experience and with a touch of creativity and organizational skills is an asset for the Church in her journey to soar to greater heights.

Sydney, Ria, and Roshan who is a fantastic violinist

Mr. Somashekar is the assistant secretary. He is into IT and with a family of two boys and his wife he is a cool customer who has a balanced temperament which he brings to the table.

Mr. Sam Divakar is the Property deacon, he is into sales and honours his designation with a truckload of experience. He is street smart, well versed in his knowledge of negotiation skills, is a certain asset to the team. His wife Eleena (Khushboo) is actively involved in the Sunday school, not surprising as she is a teacher by vocation.

Mrs. Anita Bali has been in the Church for over 70 years, she has probably the single most experience to back her and is someone who is a huge encourager and among the biggest giving hearts, the Church can boast of.

Mrs. Jaya Ghosh in her ripe old age is fit and active and has a keen eye for aesthetics. Her keenness and enthusiasm can never be overlooked.

Mrs. Jaya Ghosh & her grandaughter Ishita